Charged with a Drug Offense?

Contact a drug charges defense lawyer in Nashville, TN

Your drug charge doesn’t have to define you or follow you around forever. If you’re facing prosecution for a drug crime, you need Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC to help you fight for your rights. Attorney Ryan Davis understands the complex drug laws in Nashville, Tennessee, and he’ll work hard to protect your rights after a charge. Every situation is different, and you need an attorney who understands yours thoroughly.

Trust Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC to help you protect your rights when you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.
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How can attorney Ryan Davis help you?

Attorney Ryan Davis helps clients fight a variety of drug charges, such as:

Simple Possession

Drug Paraphernalia

Felony Possession



Oftentimes, drug charges can be overcome based on Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations. Do you believe your rights were violated by the police? Contact Ryan Davis today to discuss the steps you can take to fight your drug charges.

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