“ Very effective & honest attorney.  I have referred him client matters outside the scope of my practice and he has handled each matter with the utmost of care and professionalism. Highly recommend him.

-Michael Smallbone, Attorney


“ Ryan Davis was very professional and persistent on getting me the best result possible. I was very fortunate to have Ryan represent me in court and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal guidance.  


“ Ryan represented me in a criminal case that could have cost me a great deal of what I have worked for. I consulted with him and he broke down the specifics. I was so uncertain and scared before the consult but after I felt great going foward. He was so professional. He made sure I understood everything and took his time with me. I have never been so pleased to be represented by such a great man, especially with it being criminal. Once it was said and done, EVERYTHING he said he would do was done no questions asked... and by the way we won the case!  


Great Lawyer

Outstanding in the Court Room

“ I had a few guys staying with me and they pulled a low down and dirty move by squatting me and then issuing orders of protection (falsely in order to squat) over the christmas holiday. I could not even get most lawyers on the phone (bc it was the week of Christmas when it happened) but Ryan was not only willing to meet but immediately went to work for me...BEFORE I EVEN HIRED HIM! He took notes and was very thorough with getting the story--I had to hire him! He cut his Christmas out of town holiday a day short because of my time crunch. He never gave me any false hope nor did he have any doubts about getting the job done. I am a yoga teacher and one of my students is a public defender who witnessed our first (of two) dates and immediately came over and said how great a job he did questioning and cross examining. We crushed them on the stand. I would not only recommend Ryan to anyone who needs help but there is no doubt in my mind that he will be one of Nashville's top lawyer for years to come. He is just a winner.  


“ I contacted the Ryan Davis office with no clue on how to proceed. He outlined the process and his plan to help with my case. The outcome was all I could have hoped. Ryan related to me as a person and not just a case. Highly recommend his services.  


Great Help!

Very Professional

Honest Attorney

Zealous Advocate

“ I have known Ryan for several years. He is a dedicated and motivated attorney. I have watched him many times, in criminal court, zealously argue for his clients!! I highly recommend Ryan. 

-Phillip Clark, Attorney

Free Consultation

We provide free 30 minute in-person consultations by appointment. During the consultation, we will generally address the legal problem at hand and identify a sense of the work involved to achieve the best possible outcome. From there, possible fee agreement structures can be discussed as the next step in the process.


Here's What Ryan's Clients Are Saying...

“ Great attorney, with good advice. I was able to get my charge expunged. Nothing really more to say.  


Excellent Work

Happily Satisfied

“ One of the best lawyers I've had thus far! And I'm overly satisfied with him and his work! Need a lawyer? This the gentleman to hire he gets the job done!