Retain a criminal defense lawyer for spousal rape charges in Nashville, TN

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Have you been accused of rape by your own spouse? Many people aren't aware that you can be convicted of raping your spouse.

The allegations can be difficult to defend, as the only evidence is typically the accusers word against that of the accused. Call the criminal defense attorney at Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC today to begin fighting against these allegations.

What constitutes spousal rape?

There aren't separate laws for spousal rape any longer. Rather, a standard rape charge can apply to an accused whose victim is their spouse. Under Tennessee criminal law, you can be charged with raping your spouse if:

1. You're accused of forcing or coercing your spouse to have sex with you

2. You're accused of having sex with your spouse without their consent

3. Your spouse could not consent to sex because they were drugged, intoxicated, or mentally or physically incapacitated

If you've been accused of spousal rape, it's important to contact a criminal defense attorney right away. Contact attorney Ryan Davis for a confidential consultation at his Nashville, TN office now.


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