Defend for Your Rights After a Sexual Battery Charge

Work with a skilled criminal defense attorney in Nashville, TN

Evidence presented in sexual battery cases can be shocking for the jury. If you've been charged with a sex crime, the cards can feel stacked against you from the start. Contact Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC to retain a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Nashville, TN. Attorney Ryan C. Davis will be your strongest ally in court.

Don't let sexual battery charges cast a dark shadow over your future. Our experienced criminal law firm has helped countless clients defend their rights.

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Potential defense strategies for sexual battery charges

Using every available resource at our disposal, our criminal defense attorneys will tailor a personalized defense strategy for your case. Potential strategies may include seeking to prove that the accuser:

Manufactured allegations
Lied about consent regarding the alleged conduct
Misidentified the defendant

Sexual battery is a felony in Tennessee, potentially leading to significant jail time and a requirement to register on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. Reach out to us today to start building a solid defense against criminal sexual battery charges..


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