A Vandalism Conviction Can Have Lasting Consequences

A Vandalism Conviction Can Have Lasting Consequences

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Any intentional act that causes damage to someone else's property without the owner's consent is considered vandalism under Tennessee criminal law. With this in mind, keying someone's car, slashing someone's tires, or destroying merchandise are all considered acts of vandalism. To avoid the steep penalties associated with this crime, you'll need to retain an experienced criminal attorney.

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What Constitutes Vandalism in Tennessee?

Vandalism is often thought of as spray painting a building or breaking a window, but many people are surprised to learn that vandalism also includes...

  • Breaking someone's cellphone during an argument
  • Damaging someone's property who has been wrongfully evicted
  • Destroying, harming, or decreasing the value of merchandise offered for sale by a retail merchant

Additionally, acts of vandalism are prosecuted in the same manner as theft charges. Thus, damage valued at under $1,000 would be prosecuted as an A misdemeanor. However, damage valued over $1,000 would be charged as a felony. Call us right away to schedule your consultation and begin preparing your defense.


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