We Also Help With Orders of Protection, Estate Planning, Or Small Business Legal Needs

Now is the time to write your will.

Does your family know what you want done with your estate after you die? Don't wait another day to make your wishes known with a will. As a trusted probate attorney in Nashville, TN, Ryan Davis can draw up a clear and concise will that the courts will honor. He can also help create:

  • Trusts
  • Advanced Care Plans
  • Powers Of Attorney

Hire An Experienced Lawyer to Assist With Your Small Business Needs

If you run a small business in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area, chances are you'll run into an occasional legal issue. Having an experienced attorney in your corner to reach out to for legal advice is a must have for any small business owner. We can help small businesses with:

  • Business Formation
  • Contract Review
  • Civil Litigation

An Order of Protection is an order signed by a judge or magistrate, intended to protect victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking. If someone has filed an Order of Protection against you, you may feel confused, angry, anxious, or frustrated. It's tempting to reach out to the person who filed it, but it is essential that you have no contact with him or her. Doing so may result in your arrest and a new criminal charge!



If you have an active nursing license and have been charged with a crime, including a DUI, a negligence claim has been brought against you, you have been accused of drug diversion, have had a positive drug test, or other impairment allegations have been made, your nursing license may be in jeopardy.

Hire attorney Ryan Davis today for help with your estate planning, small business, or order of protection matters.


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