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After a divorce or separation, it can be difficult raising a child alone. If you're having trouble obtaining child support from your former spouse or partner, a family law attorney may be able to help.

Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC is dedicated to helping those who need assistance asserting their rights. If you've made an agreement for child support and you're not receiving payments, we can help ensure that you receive the child support you are owed. If you're making or receiving child support payments but your finances circumstances have changed, attorney Ryan Davis can assist you with modifying the child support order.

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Who can receive child support?

Child support calculations are complicated, but here are the basics steps a court will take:

  • A determination of the parties' income is made
  • A total "household" income of both parties is established
  • A parenting schedule is established, resulting in the total number of days each parent will exercise
  • The total household income is divided between those parenting days, to provide a consistent standard of living for the child regardless of which home they are in

Don't try to handle child support issues alone. Speak with attorney Ryan Davis today to schedule a consultation for family law assistance.

Learn more about child support calculations by visiting the education center page.


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