Facing Shoplifting Charges in Nashville, TN?

Facing Shoplifting Charges in Nashville, TN?

Choose a criminal attorney you can trust

The moment you're accused of shoplifting, you need an attorney in your corner. A missed item at a self-check-out can result in a permanent criminal conviction. Attorney Ryan C. Davis will work with you to build a defense against your shoplifting charges immediately. We provide criminal defense representation for clients in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.

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Avoiding a conviction is our goal

A conviction for shoplifting can have lifetime consequences and impact your employment opportunities for years to come. Choosing the right criminal attorney is crucial for your case.

If you're convicted of shoplifting, you could end up...

  • Facing time in jail
  • Struggling to find secure employment
  • Being forced to explain your record for years to come

  • Working with an experienced criminal attorney is your best chance for success. Contact our firm today to set up a meeting with attorney Ryan Davis.

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