Don't Take Your Trespassing Charges Lightly

Don't Take Your Trespassing Charges Lightly

Retain an experienced criminal attorney in Nashville, TN to fight for you

In general, property owners don't take kindly to uninvited guests on their premises. If you've been accused of trespassing on private property, you'll need the help of a qualified criminal attorney to avoid a conviction for criminal trespassing on your public record. The attorneys at Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC are the people you want on your side.

Based in Nashville, TN, our criminal defense attorneys fight aggressively for the rights of our clients in the Middle Tennessee area. We will use all of the resources available to us to defend against your criminal trespassing allegations.

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How does TN law define trespassing?

According to Tennessee criminal law, entering or remaining on private property without the property owner's consent is considered trespassing, punishable as a Class C misdemeanor. Possible defenses to criminal trespassing include...

  • The person reasonably believed they had the owner's consent to be on the property
  • The person's conduct did not substantially interfere with the owner's use of the property
  • The person immediately left the property upon request

A knowledgeable criminal attorney can explore possible defenses based on the circumstances of your case. Reach out today to begin working with one of our criminal lawyers in Nashville, TN.


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