Nursing License Defense

Nursing License Defense

If you have an active nursing license and have been charged with a crime, including a DUI, a negligence claim has been brought against you, you have been accused of drug diversion, have had a positive drug test, or other impairment allegations have been made, your nursing license may be in jeopardy.

Becoming a nurse in Tennessee is no easy task. Not only must prospective nurses obtain the necessary education, but they must also pass a state-administered exam and demonstrate that they are of good moral character before being permitted to practice. Despite all of this work, the Tennessee Board of Nursing may still consider revoking your nursing license for several reasons.

If your ability to perform your job is being threatened by an allegation of unethical or unlawful behavior, or if an addiction to an illegal substance has you worried that you will soon have to face the Board of Nursing, you need an effective nursing license defense lawyer. Call on the attorneys at Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC for the assistance needed to resolve your nursing licensure matter.

Threats to Your Nursing License

Even after all of your hard work in obtaining your nursing license, the Tennessee Board of Nursing may consider revoking your nursing licensure, or imposing other penalties, for several reasons. These reasons include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Drugs or Alcohol Abuse
  • Diversion of Drugs
  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • Patient Abuse or Neglect
  • Fraud or Deceit
  • Criminal Charges or Criminal Conviction

Why Hire an Attorney?

While it is tempting for a nurse to believe that he or she can engage with the Board of Nursing without an attorney, even a well-intentioned nurse who is providing candid responses regarding a relatively minor infraction may be providing information that will later be used against that nurse to discipline or even revoke the nurse's license.

Many common mistakes can jeopardize a nurse's career. If you have been contacted about a disciplinary proceeding or have been accused of unethical or illegal behavior, it is important that you take steps to protect your nursing license and your future. The team at Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC is prepared to handle all aspects of your case, including communicating with the Board of Nursing and their investigators, developing a defense strategy, investigating all allegations, and representing you in an administrative hearing before the Board of Nursing.

Preserving your professional standing in your community is our priority at Ryan C. Davis Law, PLLC. Call us today at 615.649.0110 to learn more about the professional nursing license defense process.

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