by Jonathan Carroll and Ryan C. Davis

How Much Marijuana Can I Possess Without Getting Arrested? In Tennessee you can be arrested for possessing any amount of marijuana. If you are found in possession of an amount less than half an ounce (14.174 grams), you can be charged with an A misdemeanor, the penalty for which can include up to a year in a jail and a fine up to $2,500. Whether or not you are arrested or given a misdemeanor citation depends completely on the practices of the jurisdiction you are in. Officers in some jurisdictions will release you with a citation where you are required to appear on a certain date to be booked into the local jail and court system. Other jurisdictions will arrest you and require you to post a bond. Whether or not you have any prior charges for simple possession or any prior failures to appear may also impact your eligibility for a citation. It is important that your criminal defense attorney understands the practices and policies of the police department and District Attorney’s office where your case is pending.

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